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on the snow --snow hoe mental anguish area. but they don't look like too much. dry by christmas morning. it will not be a repeat of the weekend. the models are suggesting maybe about half an inch of rain from this and it will be windy, but not nearly as windy as it was over the past weekend. and so now it will be nice if we didn't have all of the rain that will be coming with us on this one. >> yes, you got it. >> thank you. >>> and tonight dozens of former prison inmates are enjoying a christmas gift from the governor. he signed the pardons for people whose crimes range from the drug offenses to robberies. cbs reporter on the ex-con who is starting a new life tonight. >> reporter: you know i was young out of high school. >> reporter: he says that he was dumb, hanging around the bad people 20 years ago. >> he was involved too, only to get busted by a police sting getting five years in prison. he didn't know that it would change his life forever. he saved a young boy's life. >> i just remembered it, you no, they were stunned. how could i live with myself if i didn't try? >> they featured
's coming fast. that's what i don't understand. >> reporter: since we don't know how much rain will come for the rest of the week, businesses here are preparing for the worst as they have the sandbags at the parking lot. >> and we're hoping for the best. mother nature is going to do what they need to do. >> and stacked on tables and everything. >> reporter: now, they moved everything off the floor in his apparel printing shop. >> first we have flooding insurance and all that stuff. and we don't want to go there if you can avoid it. >> reporter: and it is only december. >> hopefully it happened earlier in the season and it won't happen later on in the season to get in earlier to clean it up. >> yeah. >> it's a big job cleaning it up after this. >> reporter: in pen grove, cbs5. >> there's more problems on the bay area roadways to show you that this is the scene on the highway in the county above downtown mill valley earlier today. three in a row, saturated ground caused that large tree to fall over and block both directions of the highway. crews spent several hours removing the tree much t
have been forced to take jobs they don't even want. >> they settle with retail businesses. even all my friends work at mcdonald's and places like that because of the higher jobs that are hard to get these days. >> reporter: with the low- paying jobs, it will be that much harder. with tuitions rising across the nation, those bills are stacking up. >> one of my friends bar tend and work at the restaurant just to pay off the loan that she got. >> reporter: she has a 4-year- old as she is worried about what kind of a world her daughter will face. >> it is really disstressing. i got out of the school in the early 90s. it's a tough market. >> reporter: with all these college graduates, what about the people who don't have degrees? well apparently they took these jobs and now they are finding it nearly impossible to get into the job market. it's not easy if you don't have experience. in san francisco, grace lee, cbs 5. >>> one of the positive signs for the economy housing market on new homes. they were up 22% for a year ago. and in california you might be surprised at who is buying. ben tracy
. police said he was armed with a knife and they were forced to shoot. >> we just don't understand how somebody could have taken his life. [ crying ] >> i'm certain something happened. but how somebody -- he was small in stature. 5'4", 130 pounds. how threatening is that? >> family members say police have not shared any information with them about his death. the officers involved in the shooting are on paid administrative leave. >>> smoke and sirens jolted a mission district this morning. and tonight three dozen people are homeless after a 3-alarm fire destroyed their homes. it broke out on 23rd street and spread to victorian buildings close by. some people said their neighbors saved their lives by waking them up. no one was hurt and firefighters say it could have been worse if the fire erupted in the middle of the night. >> we tried to put it under control, and after that we just salvaged as much as we could do. >> investigators are still trying to figure out the cause. they say at least three of the five buildings burned air total loss. >>> alameda county joins dozens of other califo
say that banta was a gentle person who must have suffered a breakdown. >> and we just don't understand how someone could have taken his life. i am sure that something happened. but how -- someone could take, he is small in stature. 5'4", 130 pounds. how threatening is that? >> family members say police have not shared any information with them about banta's death. the officers involved in the shooting are on paid administrative leave during the investigation. >>> this morning, negotiators in the senate are still trying to forge a last-minute compromise to save all americans from a tax hook, but a cbs reporter tara mergener shows us, the deal they're thinking about now takes the can down the road again. >> reporter: senate republican leader mitch mcconnell left the capitol tight lipped and smiling after working behind closed doors to avoid the so- called fiscal cliff. >> need progress today, sir? >> reporter: he and harry reid are working on scaled-down agreement that focuses on avoiding a middle-class tax hike. the plan is to present it to the full senate for a vote on sunday and send
charges for theft and elder abuse. we don't know exactly how richard died. he had been severely ill before he died, but authorities have not charged joseph or his girlfriend in this death. however this is still under investigation. >> and apparently they haven't charged him yet, but would it just be for not disposing of the body correctly and theft? >> reporter: we're looking at elder abuse, theft, and not disposing of the body correctly. but because it was so decomposed, it's unclear if it was a murder. >>> a young woman finds herself in the gears of the criminal invest system. she was drunk behind the wheel when she ran down a group of people sight-seeing at twin peaks. >> reporter: instead of upholding the law, she found herself on the wrong side of the law. >> hoping to become a police officer. >> reporter: she was about to graduate from college. the san francisco district attorney charged the 23-year-old woman with driving under the influence, hit and run, and vehicular manslaughter. those are just some of the six charges she's facing after police say she drove her car into a group o
beachcombing this weekend, don't turn your back to the ocean. the waves will be pretty high this weekend. we get cloudy and showers tonight. it will be a little wet. clearing tomorrow. unsettled weather for new year's eve. first, the showers being triggered by low pressure moving close to the bay air y. most of the rain offshore. we could pick up a half an inch of rain and by tomorrow afternoon, there could be a dusting of snow on bay area peaks. so expect snow and showers tonight. we will get sunshine coming into the bay area tomorrow afternoon, the future cast, we roll it back to show you how it looked earlier. you see mostly cloudy conditions by the morning hours. by tomorrow afternoon, things begin to clear out with just a few clouds around. we will get more sun and stunning visibilities. we will get a few light showers in the early morning, temperatures in the 40s . after that, we get the sun. and the pinpoint forecast if you are around northern california, sunshine in eureka. light show for lake tahoe. if you are heading out on monday, expect an increasing clouds with maybe a few showe
don't want to see new revenues, in other words democrat tax increase being used for new spending. >> in unusual move republicans called for a no. 2 democrat, biden to help with negotiations as the white house places a lot of blame on the impasse. >> they say the bill biggest priority is we deal with the debit. their way is the only priority that tax breaks for wealth americans are protected. >> if a deal isn't reached, the president wants to introduce legislation to keep tax cuts for people earning more than 200 thousand a year. >> it wasn't only grid lock in washington. they are going to keep milk prices from rising next month. the agriculture secretary of state says without it we could pay $7 a gallon. >> >>> the woman charged for pushing a man from a platform on a subway train. the 31 year-old was quoted by the district attorney's office saying it would be cool pushing someone from a train. she blames the muslim, hindus and egyptian for the 911 attack. >>> a daring rescue that prevented tragedy. it was a rare christmas experience on the mountains of los angeles, fresh snow and
and they help. they work. i assume they don't get paid or do they? they must get something. >> they get a small stipend while away so they can continue to rent their apartment or pay for their insurance. >> yeah. >> or not work for a couple of month when is they're back. >> that make sense or they would go bankrupt and no one would do it. do you need other people besides doctors? do i assume any nurses, besides doctors and nurses, anyone else? any people? >> we need a lot of people who are key and instrumental to the programs. we need administrators and to recruit the national stuff on the ground. >> uh-huh. >> we need? program -- with the authorities and the communities. we need lodgistishians to ensure all the surprise -- and they can stop treating patients. >> yes. >> as soon as they arrive. >> let's get to that. the supplies. i imagine and thought to myself, how big is the plane they have to take in there. i assume you have to take everything with you. the doctors need to know what they need when they get there. you can't count on anything being there, otherwise you wouldn't -- i mean you'r
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9